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Your database and connecting with them in real time is more important than ever—but maybe you aren't sure of the best way to do that. Here are a few tips for engaging with clients and potential leads, no matter your form of communication. Remember: when it comes to connecting, it's all about the first 5 minutes!

The Funnel

Know How To Communicate

Knowing where a potential lead is located in the funnel will help you determine how best to communicate with them. While lookers and researchers won't require as aggressive of a communication strategy, those in the bottom three levels of the funnel—initial buyer, active buyer, and motivated buyer—should be persistently pursued.

Texting Scripts

Texting is a single thread of communication, so you only have so many chances to get a response before it becomes fruitless. Three strikes, and you're out, so go all out on the third. 

Text #1: Keep It Vague

Show that you know them, but keep your message vague enough to prompt a reply:

  • "Hi John, it's Brad. Need to chat about something when you have a second. Are you free now?"
  • "Hi John, It’s Brad. Just returning your call with info you wanted. I can text or email it to you if you are not available. Just let me know. Thanks!"

Text #2: Ask a Question

If you still haven't received a response, follow-up with a question:

  • "Strange question, but did you inquire about 555 Main Street? I think someone may have made an error."
  • "I'm not sure if you're here this weekend, but I have a list of open houses for you. Can I text them to you?"
  • "Market is shifting, are you still looking to buy/sell?"

Text #3: One Last Chance

  • "Hey [NAME], Wanted to connect about your home info request, but I'm guessing you've decided not to purchase a home, already purchased and didn't have the heart to tell me, or I messed up somewhere. I'm worried it could be the latter. Please let me know. Thanks, [AgentName]"

Voicemail Scripts

Make It Count

Keep in mind: you should always text before you call. If you do opt for a phone call, then it needs to count. Take advantage of many smart phones' capability to transcribe voicemail messages, and include specific details that will entice potential clients to return your message.

  • "Hi Frank, it's Brad. I know you reached out a while ago about wanting to know the value of your home. I went back and pulled your file and was comparing it against some recent comps in your area. In looking at things, I think I can net you an extra $8,000-$10,000 for your house. I'd love to talk through it and get your opinion. Give me a call back today so I can take 5 minutes to run through it with you. 919-555-1234. Thanks!"

Reengagement Scripts

Make Them Say No

Been awhile since you heard from a potential lead? Put pressure on a response by asking a question that demands an answer:

  • "Did you already get your house sold for top dollar?"
  • "Did you want me to cancel your email updates?"
  • "Have you given up on buying a house this year?"

What Not to Do

Canned, impersonal messages won't catch the attention of potential clients—in fact, it'll do just the opposite. In all of your communication, whether it be text, call, email, or otherwise, don't do anything like this:

  • "Hello [first name]! Thank you for registering with AgentWebsite.com. Were there any properties in particular you had questions about?! I'd love to assist you."