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An Agent's Guide to Paid Advertising

Here at CENTURY 21 Frontier, we pride ourselves on our exceptional digital marketing prowess. One of the easiest ways to get your listings noticed by organic leads is by using paid advertising services through Google. We've broken down all of the different types of paid ads, including featured listing search ads, featured listing display ads, agent display ads, and sold listing display ads.

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Types of Paid Advertising

Featured Listing Search Ads

Here at CENTURY 21 Frontier, we run three different types of featured listing ad campaigns: residential listings, commercial listings, and land listings. For each campaign, we keyword target the address of each property. Search ads show when a user conducts a Google search. Google uses a variety of factors to calculate when to show an ad to a user, such as what the user typed into the search bar, what keywords we are targeting in Google Ads, what information is provided on the landing page, and much more.

When it comes to a successful search ad campaign, context is key. Google also considers the person's location at the time of the search, if they used a mobile or desktop device, the time of the search, the nature of the search terms, and more.

Additionally, Google uses a metric called the clickthrough rate (CTR) to rank your ad. CTR is the percentage of users that actually click on the ad when it is shown to them. Searching for your ad in Google and not clicking on it will lower your CTR, which works against your ad rank. Unfortunately, searching for your ad and clicking on it takes money from your budget.

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Featured Listing Display Ads

Google display ads are made up of images, logos, and text, which create more visual interest for the user. You'll often see display ads on other websites, not Google's search engine.

We run two display ad campaigns to promote featured listings. The difference between these two display ads is the target audience. One display ad is retargeting those users who have already been on our site. Because retargeting campaigns work through tracking cookies, these ads have the potential to run on any site in the display network, a YouTube channel, or a mobile application that the user visits. The second display ad is targeting people based on their homeownership status and interest in purchasing a home or moving soon. Based on the behavior of these people, Google categorizes them in this audience and shows the ad to them as they browse the web.

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Agent Display Ads

These display ads are created using your headshots and other information obtained from your staff page. These ads link to your personal staff page. We are targeting people who are looking for real estate services or resources through Google's life events audiences, such as "purchasing a home soon," "residential property evaluation," and other common keywords for Pittsburgh area real estate.

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Sold Listing Display Ads

Sold listing display ads are similar to featured listing display ads, but they target a different audience. The ad graphics within this campaign highlight the success your team has had in selling homes by stating how quickly the home sold and how much over list price.

We are showing this ad to potential sellers as proof that your team can successfully and efficiently sell their home. This ties right into the landing page that we send people to when they click on the graphic. This page continues to highlight other sold listings, testimonials, and more.

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