What does C21 Frontier do to sell your home?

Paid Advertising 

Featured Listing Search Ads

preview of mobile search results

We run Google Search ads for all of our featured residential listings. These search ads show when a user conducts a related Google search. So, if someone types in your address into Google, our goal is to show your listing as one of the top results (above organic results from Zillow, Realtor.com, etc). As you probably know from first hand experience, people typically click on one of the first results on the first page of the Google Search results which is why having exposure at the top of the page is crucial to driving more traffic to your property's detail page. 

Featured Listing Display Ads

preview of mobile search results

We also run Google Display ads for all of our residential listings which are made up of images, logos, and text. When do these ads show? We have set up these ads to show to people who fall into specific categories in Google such as "Purchasing a Home Soon" or "Moving Soon" and such. These ads also show to people that have previously been on your site. Because these display ads show up on sites as people browse the web, it is a great way to constantly remind people about this property.